Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Also, Allergens!

Today was Day 1 of my allergy testing.

No wonder I never had this done when I was a kid. I cannot imagine hyperactive needlephobic 5 year old me agreeing to lie still on a table while somebody stabbed her repeatedly in the back and then STAYING still for 15 minutes while the reaction begins to itch and burn uncontrollably. It was all 22 year old me could do not to scream.

So far, I'm allergic to cats (duh), cockroaches (also duh), dust mites (well freakin' DUH!) and feathers (that's actually one I didn't know about going into this). Tomorrow, we're going into food and metals! Hooray!

Twisted Sister Shrug

This is immensely frustrating. I'm attempting to make a shrug using some white fuzzy baby yarn I've had for aaages. I want it to be just basically a fuzzy tube top that fits snuggly around the shoulders. I also want a twist in it in the front for a little glam and cute.

It's my own pattern, so if I can ever make it WORK I'm going to try and post it. Especially if it turns out half as cute as I think.

It's driving me absolutely BATSHIT. The yarn is really soft but it's so fuzzy that it's nearly impossible to see what I'm doing and it keeps getting messed up. The only circular needles I have in a larger gauge aren't long enough for what I'm doing, so I might have to buy more. And even IF I had bigger needles, it's a 275 stitch project, so it's not like it's easy to cast back on.

This is going to be a definite character building experience...